I believe that when we sincerely strive to make our desires come true, follow our dreams, the space around us begins to magically transform, fulfilling our desires.

And when all the puzzles come together and everything is ready for us in the Universe, then a fateful meeting takes place. That's exactly what happened in my life!

This is a meeting with Laslo. A young guy who is known in the music world as LC LASLO. Musician, arranger, and most importantly, a sincere person.

Coincidentally, our vision of music was so close that at first we both didn't believe it was possible. We literally started creating music.

Moreover, for me, as a person far from professional musical terms, it was difficult to explain what I want.

I was surprised by how sensitively and carefully Laszlo listened to my wishes in the process of writing the composition.

In practice, it looked like this:

I sit down at the synthesizer and start playing a melody, he listens carefully and almost immediately understands how to decorate it with additional sounds and arrangements.

The real magic begins, and as a result, each composition has a non-standard musical solution.
Yes, I am an inexperienced person in musical terms, but I know that there are few people like Laslo, he lives by music, this is his whole life's work, with all its twists and turns.

I want to say that I was lucky that our paths crossed. Two dreamers found each other! Creative tandem took place.

I cherish his words he said to me once, which seemed to me at first a little funny and strange:

"Thank you, uncle Igor.."

I can say in response:
"Thank you, Laslo..."
Игорь Скворцов и Ласло
Lc Laslo
Игорь Скворцов и Ласло
Игорь Скворцов и Lc Laslo
Игорь Скворцов и Lc Laslo

Igor Skvortsov and Lc Laslo