I'm a human being just like anyone else. I'm looking for myself and my place in this life, I'm looking for meaning in it.

I received a gift from my ancestors of a genetic set of chromosomes that determines how I look and, perhaps, determines my development, my abilities.

But I don't want to think it's all about those genes.
I believe that I am able to manage myself and my life, realizing the meaning of what is happening.
Half of my life I have walked a thorny path. I overcame myself, my laziness and unwillingness to do things that did not bring much joy.

I overcame circumstances and difficulties on my way, I took responsibility and had to live up to expectations about me. I walked towards the goals that I set for myself, without asking myself the question whether they were true for me.

In the flow of everyday life, I didn't have time to ask myself questions: "Who am I? What do I want in this life? Do I want what I'm doing now? Does my life bring joy? Am I happy? "
I didn't have time for all these questions, so I thought. But, if I myself could not find the time, life itself gave me time to answer them. It made me stop and think about my meaning in life.

It gave me a second chance to start my true life, to see my goals. I realized that everything can be lost very quickly, including life itself, without knowing its meaning for yourself.

Stopping "on the edge" allowed me to look back and see a young man who was "drawn" to music. To remember the time when he trusted his feelings and desires and followed them.
In one year at a music school, this guy was able to master a three-year guitar program. So strong was the desire to start composing something of his own.

But the circumstances were not in his favor. The time of entering the institute and studying there led him on a different path. The guy turned out to be very capable and easily finished his studies, went to postgraduate studies, not understanding why he was doing all this.

The 90s came, and the young man found himself at a crossroads. What to do? Where to go? What to start up?
Life made it possible to go into business. Many were then at the origins of entrepreneurship, but, as it turned out, not everyone was capable of this.

The guy turned out to be grasping and was able to open his own company, which later grew into his own production.

He got married, had children and, as a responsible man, he had to earn money to provide for his family. The well-being of relatives and friends is the only excuse that could explain violence against himself, over his true desires.
But this is just an excuse, unwillingness to notice that there is an empty void inside.

Joy less and less filled the heart. Increasingly, there was a sense of dissatisfaction. At such moments, inspiration came, as a salvation from despondency

And this man wrote music. And so he did for 20 years. Music "for the desk drawer", music to save his own soul.
But everything flows, everything changes, nothing passes without a trace.

Life has given me the gift of meeting an amazing person and musician.

Since meeting him, there has been a transformation. The transformation inside of me. This meeting gave me an opportunity to remember my feelings and true desires: to create music.
My whole path is my unique experience that I take with me into my new world. The world in which I am already living. Every day brings me the joy of creativity.

Music gives me strength and fills me. I feel a desire to share this power with the world.

Now I realize this and see my entire journey as the road that led me to the true me.
Igor Skvortsov
Igor Skvortsov
Igor Skvortsov
Igor Skvortsov
Igor Skvortsov
Igor Skvortsov
Igor Skvortsov
Igor Skvortsov
Igor Skvortsov
Igor Skvortsov
Igor Skvortsov
Igor Skvortsov
Igor Skvortsov
Русский композитор-неоклассик готовит коллаб с Enigma и представляет клип «Expectation»
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Игорь Скворцов: «Я шел к целям, которые ставил перед собой, не зная, истинные ли они для меня»
Русский композитор-неоклассик готовит коллаборацию с Enigma и представляет клип «Expectation»

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